FINAL PROGRAMME (last update: Friday, 28th September)

Monday, 1st October

09.00   WELCOME, Prof. E. P. Tomasini, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
09.00   welcome,    Prof. S. Longhi, Rector of Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
09.00   welcome,    Prof. F. Polonara, Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Polytechnic 09.00   welcome,    University fo Marches, Italy
09.10   Basics of Measurement, Calibration and Uncertainty Evaluation”, 
09.10   Prof. N. Paone, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
11.10   Architecture and Applications of Drones for Precision Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring
11.10   Prof L. De Vito, Sannio University, Italy 
13.00  LUNCH
TECHNICAL SESSION #1: Visio Imaging and NIR/Multi/Hyper Spectral Imaging Technology I
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. P. Daponte, Sannio University, Italy 
Challenges of multi/hyper spectral images in precision agriculture applications”, A. Mancini, E. Frontoni, P. Zingaretti, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
Comparison of 3D Imaging Technologies for Wheat Phenotyping”, I. Mohamed, R. Dudley, O. Whiteside, P. Carroll, S. Bell, K. Mooroogen, S. Douglas, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Preliminary surveys for mapping plant water stress in citrus orchard using UAV thermal imagery”, G. Messina, S. Di Fazio, B. Siciliani, A. Curcio, S. Praticò, A. Merlino, G. Modica, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
15.00   TECHNICAL SESSION #2: ICT and Remote Monitoring Systems for Smart Agriculture I
14.00   Chairman: Prof. F. Mazzetto, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Exploring the impact of ICT adoption in agriculture: how and where Precision Agriculture can be suitable for the Italian farm system?”, G. Bucci, D. Bentivoglio, M. Belletti, A. Finco, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
Design a Web Platform to manage environmental monitoring information to be used in multicriteria evaluations of Green Infrastructures”, R. Gallo, R. Corso, G. Ristorto, G. Sauli, N. Zorzi, F. Mazzetto, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Measurement and estimation of leaf area index (LAI) using commercial instruments and smartphone-based systems”, R. Casa, D. Upreti, F. Pelosi, University of Tuscia, Italy
16.00     COFFEE BREAK
16.20     TECHNICAL SESSION #3: Food Monitoring for Management and Security
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. E. Crotti, University of Milan, Italy

Scanning Probe Microscopy for polymer film characterization in food packaging”, F. Marinello, A. Pezzuolo, D. Passeri, A. La Storia, G. Mauriello, University of Padua, Italy
Quality control of hazelnuts by means of NMR measurements”, D. Di Caro, C. Liguori, A. Pietrosanto, P. Sommella, University of Salerno, Italy
Towards standardization of the Quality of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese: Engineering Coding for Non-Invasive and Destructive Mechanical Measurement”, P. M. Falcone, D. Pacetti, A. Bianchi, M. Nocetti, N. G. Frega, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
Application of ISO 25178 standard for multiscale 3D parametric assessment of surface topographies”F. Marinello, L. Sartori, A. Pezzuolo, University of Padua, Italy
17.40   TECHNICAL SESSION #4: Modelling and Simulation
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. R. Casa, University of Tuscia, Italy

Analysis of the effects of uncertainties on agrometeorological models”, A. Garinei, A. Marini, A. Bertolini, E. Piccioni, M. Marconi, L. Biondi, Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy
“Data analysis and inference model for automating operational monitoring activities in Precision Farming and Precision Forestry applications”, P. Sacco, R. Gallo, F. Mazzetto, Fraunhofer Innovation Engineering Center, Italy
18.20     END of DAY 1
20.30     GALA DINNER at SeePort Hotel, Ancona

Tuesday, 2nd October

09.10   WELCOME
09.20   The Necessity of Downscaling Climatic Measurements to Reach the Realistic Interplay with Biological Processes,
Dr F. Giomi, University of Padua, Italy

11.00   TECHNICAL SESSION #5: Farm Animals and Insect Monitoring
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. E.P. Tomasini, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy 
Microsensors for the characterization of the insect gut environment”, E. Crotti,University of Milan, Italy
A comparison of low-cost techniques for three-dimensional animal body measurement in livestock buildings”, A. Pezzuolo, D. Giora, H. Guo, Q. Ma, S. Guercini, L. Sartori, F. Marinello, University of Padua, Italy
Multi-sensor platform for real time measurements of honey bee hive parameters”S. Cecchi, A. Terenzi, S. Orcioni, S. Spinsante, V. Mariani Primiani, F. Moglie, S. Ruschioni, C. Mattei, P. Riolo, N. Isidoro, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
Using quantitative Real Time PCR to measure insect microbial communities”E. Gonella, E. Crotti, A. Alma, University of Torino, Italy
12.20   TECHNICAL SESSION #6: Forest, Orchards and Vineyard Monitoring I
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. M. Marchetti, University of Molise, Italy 
A New metric for the measurement of treeline patterns”, P. J. Weisberg, F. Malandra, M. Garbarino, L. Montalto, S. Spinsante, N. Paone, L. Scalise, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
Forest recovery dynamics in stand replacing wildfires of central Apennines derived from Landsat time series analysis”, D. Morresi, M. Garbarino, C. Urbinati, University of Turin, Italy
13.00   LUNCH
14.00   TECHNICAL SESSION #7: Visio imaging and NIR/multi/hyper spectral imaging technology II
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof L. De Vito, Sannio University, Italy 

Protein/Nitrogen/Yield Balance: Finding the Sweet Spot in Nitrogen Fertilization”, P. Clancy, Next Instruments, Australia
Quality assessment of pellets by near infrared spectroscopy”,  M. Mancini, D. Duca, E. Foppa Pedretti, G. Toscano, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
Strawberry ripeness calibrated 2D colour lookup table for field-deployable computer vision systems”, I. Mohamed, D. Williams, R. Stevens, R. Dudley, National Physical Laboratory, UK
15.00   TECHNICAL SESSION #8: Forest, Orchards and Vineyard Monitoring II
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. C. Urbinati, Polytechnic University of Marches

Scaling-up of evapotranspiration measurements: the promising role of scintillometry”, A. Pitacco, L. Tezza, N. Vendrame, University of Padua, Italy
Automated crop monitoring solutions to assess the blooming charge in orchards: preliminary results achieved by a prototype mobile lab used on apple trees”G. Daglio, R. Gallo, S. Petrera, C. Andergassen, M. Kelderer, F. Mazzetto, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
Influence of sensor calibration on forecasting models for vineyard disease detection”, F. Sanna, R. Deboli, A. Calvo, A. Merlone, IMAMOTER-CNR, Italy
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. D. Pacetti, Polytechnic University of Marches, Italy
A study of water release from soil samples using evolved vapour analysis”, O. Whiteside, P. Carroll, S. Bell, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Setting of a Precision Farming Robotic Laboratory for cropping system sustainability and food safety and security”, R. Orsini, M. Belletti, C.A. Bozzi, C. Conti, A. Galli, E. Giorgini, E.S. Malinverni, A. Mancini, L. Mazzanti, E. Monaci, G. Passerini, R. Santilocchi, A. Vignini, S. Zenobi, P. Zingaretti, Polytehnic University of Marches, Italy
“A review on the use of drones for precision agriculture”, P. Daponte, L. De Vito, L. Glielmo, L. Iannelli, D. Liuzza, F. Picariello, G. Silano, Sannio University, Italy
16.50   TECHNICAL SESSION #9: ICT and Remote Monitoring Systems for Smart Agriculture II
14.0  0 Chairman: Prof. D. Neri, Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy

A full integrated system for agroclimatic and pest monitoring at farm and landscape scales in Campania Region”, R. Martino, M. Nicolazzo, G. Langella, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
Proposal of an ontological approach to design and analyze farm information systems to support Precision Agriculture techniques”, F. Mazzetto, R. Gallo, M. Riedl, P. Sacco, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
17.30     END of WORKSHOP