Precision Horticulture



Manuela Zude-Sasse

Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)


Lav Ramchandra Khot

Washington State University


The scope of the session captures current and cutting-edge methodological developments and engineering in precision horticulture. Studies related to advanced sensor technologies for plant and produce monitoring as well as approaches to fine-tune crop production practices or management and postharvest processes are welcome.


We welcome contributions that cover the following topics:

  • Soil, plant and weather sensors or their integration for both open and protected environments, network connectivity and edge/cloud computing;
  • Optimising light, water, nutrients and pesticide use efficiency by means of plant data;
  • Monitoring of fruit and vegetables in pre- and post-harvest processes;
  • Optimal integration of data and models as decision support systems/tools;
  • Production and shelf life forecasts and validation;
  • Pilot studies on precision horticulture;
  • High throughput phenotyping of horticultural crops.


Research areas of Manuela Zude capture (i) physical properties of fresh fruit, (ii) in-situ analysis of tree and fruit by means of spectral-optical (LiDAR, multi- and hyperspectral methods, time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, laser-induced backscattering imaging), and (iii) applications of in-situ analysis in agronomic models. In this context she is working in scientific journals (Associate Editor of Postharvest Biology and Technology, Editorial Board Member of the journals Biosystems Engineering, Plant Phenomics, Remote Sensing, Journal of Agricultural and Food Engineering), and, e.g., in the scientific board of "Field Lab for Digital Agriculture" of ATB, Germany; "SMART Farming Technology Research Center" of UPM, Malaysia; "Experimental Station for Fruit Production Müncheberg" of LVGA, Germany.

Lav Knot is an Assistant Research Professor in Biological Systems Engineering at the Irrigated Agriculture Research Education Center (IAREC) at WSU Prosser. He has a BS, MS, and PhD in Agricultural Engineering. Lav works primarily in the agricultural automation research area. His research and extension program focuses on sensing and automation technologies for site specific and precision management of production agriculture. Special emphasis is towards integration of remote sensing using unmanned and manned aerial systems; ground-based crop sensing; decision support systems; precise applications of various production Inputs; agricultural machinery and processes; and data-based modeling.

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