09:00 - 09:30 Opening Ceremony - Welcome Addresses
09:30 - 11:10 Session 1.1
SS1 - Smart electronics and sustainable systems as key enabling technology in precision agriculture - Part 1
Session 1.2
Smart technologies and digital infrastructure in agricultural, livestock and food-processing facilities - Part 1
Session 1.3
Smart systems for land monitoring, analysis, management and planning
  20 - Preliminary results from beehive activity monitoring using a 77 GHz FMCW radar sensor
Luca Dall'Asta and Georg Egger
22 - Automatic heart girth measurement for cattle based on deep learning
Ao Du, Hao Guo, Jie Lu, Yang Su, Alexey Ruchay and Andrea Pezzuolo
13 - Assessing landscape fragmentation in Sardinia (Italy): A Comparative Analysis
Andrea De Montis, Vittorio Serra, Giovanna Calia, Maria Grazia Gavina Ruiu and Antonio Ledda
  41 - A THz Imaging Scanner to Monitor Leaf Water Content
Manuel Greco, Emilio Giovenale, Fabio Leccese, Andrea Doria, Eduardo De Francesco and Gian Piero Gallerano
30 - A cascaded model based on EfficientDet and YOLACT++ for instance segmentation of cow’s collar ID tag in image
Kaixuan Zhao, Ruihong Zhang and Jiangtao Ji
23 - Digital soil mapping of topsoil properties in an agricultural lowland area: A case study of Lombardy region, Italy
Odunayo David Adeniyi, Alice Bernini, Manuele Bettoni, Alberto Bosino and Michael Maerker
  37 - droneONtrap project – Integration of IoT technologies and drones for health status and pests monitoring of orchards
Gianluca Ristorto, Alex Bojeri, Gabriele Scarton, Giovanni Giannotta and Giorgio Guglieri
47 - Live weight prediction of cattle using deep image regression
Alexey Ruchay, Konstantin Dorofeev, Vsevolod Kalschikov, Vladimir Kolpakov, Kinispay Dzhulamanov and Hao Guo
63 - GIS based-model to locate and quantify agricultural wastes for sustainable building components: plastic films and sheep wool fibers
Monica Parlato, Simona Porto and Francesca Valenti
  39 - Smart Monitoring Technologies for Defining Variability in Vineyard Microclimate, and Vinegrape Performances
Mauro Maesano, Federico Valerio Moresi, Manuel Greco, Fabio Leccese, Mariagrazia Leccisi, Eduardo De Francesco, Elena Brunori, Rita Biasi and Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza
53 - Body Condition Score for Dairy Cows Method Based on Vision Transformer
Yufeng Wu, Hao Guo, Zhenbo Li, Qin Ma, Yuanyang Zhao and Andrea Pezzuolo
98 - The impacts of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) on vegetated flows’ dynamics in urban areas
Giuseppe Francesco Cesare Lama, Matteo Rillo Migliorini Giovannini, Alessandro Errico, Sajjad Mirzaei, Giovanni Battista Chirico and Federico Preti
  106 - Measure of the deflections from linear trajectory of a skid-steer gantry tractor during its motion
Volodymyr Bulgakov, Simone Pascuzzi, Semjons Ivanovs, Volodymyr Kuvachov, Hryhoriy Kaletnik and Janusz Nowak
66 - Research on segmentation algorithm application of pigs’ point cloud based on DBSCAN and PointNet
Runheng Lin, Hao Hu and Zhikun Wen
11:10 - 11:40 Coffee Break
11:40 - 13:00 Session 2.1
SS1 - Smart electronics and sustainable systems as key enabling technology in precision agriculture - Part 2
Session 2.2
Precision horticulture
Session 2.3
General Session
  78 - Some Metrological Observations on the Use of the Exhaust Gas Temperature for the Indirect Measurement of the Torque in Agricultural Engines
Marco Bietresato, Francesco Selmo, Massimiliano Renzi and Fabrizio Mazzetto
52 - Kiwifruit absorption and scattering properties obtained through postharvest shelf life using a laser backscattering imaging system
Zhuo Yang, Mo Li, Andrew East and Manuela Zude-Sasse
81 - Field-effect-transistor based biosensors: a review of their use in environmental monitoring applications
Giulia Elli, Manuela Ciocca, Paolo Lugli and Luisa Petti
  83 - Transistor-based plant sensors for agriculture 4.0 measurements
Saleh Hamed, Pietro Ibba, Mattia Petrelli, Manuela Ciocca, Paolo Lugli and Luisa Petti
18 - Anomaly detection in plant growth in a controlled environment using 3D scanning techniques and deep learning
Iva Xhimikitu, Federico Bianchi, Massimiliano Proietti, Tommaso Tocci, Andrea Marini, Lorenzo Menculini, Loris Francesco Termite, Edvige Pucci, Alberto Garinei, Marcello Marconi and Gianluca Rossi
25 - Automatic inspection of baked goods based on cost-effective RGB-D camera
Lorenzo Comba, Alessandro Biglia, Davide Ricauda Aimonino, Paolo Barge, Cristina Tortia and Paolo Gay
  7 - Low power Wireless Sensor Network for precision agriculture: a battery-less operation scenario
Francesco Maita and Luca Maiolo
96 - Apple orchard flower clusters density mapping by unmanned aerial vehicle RGB acquisitions
Mirko Piani, Gianmarco Bortolotti and Luigi Manfrini
70 - Evaluation of seeding unit equipped with shock absorber suspension on corn and sunflower
Kaihua Liu, Alessandro Zanchin Zanchin, Marco Sozzi, Franco Gasparini, Marco Benetti and Luigi Sartori
  8 - Comparison of Routing Protocols for WSN in Agricultural Scenario
Mariagrazia Leccisi, Marco Cagnetti, Giuseppe Spagnolo and Fabio Leccese
91 - Comparison of various methods for estimation of reference evapotranspiration under four different precision farming structures
Chitra Shukla, Debaditya Gupta and Sita Ram Bhakar
108 - 2D tree crops training system improve computer vision application in field: a case study
Gianmarco Bortolotti, Kushtrim Bresilla, Mirko Piani, Luca Corelli Grappadelli and Luigi Manfrini
13:00 - 14:45 Lunch
15:00 - 16:40 Session 3.1
Emerging instrumentation for in-situ monitoring of physiological and soil parameters related to water-stress
Session 3.2
Livestock gaseous emissions, measurement and modelling techniques from barn to field
  34 - Verifying sensitivity of a sensor system for logging xylem's acoustic emissions related to drought stress
Dinko Oletic, Sabine Rosner and Vedran Bilas
88 - Uncertainty in determining ammonia and methane emissions at different sampling locations in an open-sided dairy barn
Provvidenza Rita D'Urso, Claudia Arcidiacono and Giovanni Cascone
  55 - A low cost harmonically modulated chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system and frequency domain analysis of chlorophyll fluorescence
Dingle Jose
69 -  The landscape approach as support to the livestock manure management. The buffalo herds case-study in Sele plain, Campania region
Elena Cervelli, Ester Scotto di Perta, Antonio Mautone and Stefania Pindozzi
  77 - Non-contact Assessment of Apple Condition using Magnetic Induction Spectroscopy: Preliminary Results and Indications
Michael O'Toole, Richard Colgan, Alma Anvar and Anthony Peyton
45 - Testing the Efficiency of a Passive Sampler for Ammonia Monitoring and Comparison with Alpha-Samplers
Jacopo Maffia, Simone Pelissetti, Paolo Balsari, Elio Dinuccio and Dario Sacco
  94 - Advanced monitoring system for agroecosystems threatened by salinisation and pollution
Marko Reljic, Marina Bubalo Kovačić, Gordon Gilja and Monika Zovko
43 - Ammonia concentration and recommended threshold values in pig farming
Cecilia Conti, Federica Borgonovo and Marcella Guarino
  105 - Detecting cellular damages in freezing plants: are acoustic emissions useful?
Guillaume Charrier, Thierry Améglio, Stéphane Herbette, Lia Lamacque, Florian Sabin, Christophe Serre and Anna Wielemans
35 - Rapid and continuous monitoring of air ammonia concentration in dairy milking parlors
Andrea Pigni, Alessio Tugnolo, Roberto Beghi, Giacomo Cocetta and Alberto Finzi
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
17:10 - 18:30 Session 4.1
Precision horticulture - Part 2
Session 4.2
Measurement and sensing techniques for estimating soil hydraulic characteristics and monitoring soil water dynamics
  49 - Improving accuracy and efficiency in plant detection on a novel, benchmarking real-world dataset
Laurenz Ohnemüller and Alexia Briassouli
17 - A Sensing-without-Sensors System for Soil Moisture Estimation
Riccardo Marini, Enrico Testi, Chiara Buratti, Andrea Giorgetti and Roberto Verdone
  92 - High throughput canopy characterization of a commercial apple orchard using aerial RGB imagery
Gajanan Kothawade, Abhilash Chandel, Mark Schrader, Anura Rathnayake and Lav Khot
31 - Hydrogeophysical characterization of soils in vineyards with Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT): preliminary results
Giacomo Panza, Patrizio Torrese, Claudia Meisina, Massimiliano Bordoni and Alberto Vercesi
  93 - Geospatial apple canopy transpiration mapping: effect of in-field and open-field weather
Abhilash Chandel, Lav Khot, David Brown, Claudio Stockle, Troy Peters and Steve Mantle
85 - The effect of management practice and fires on soil water dynamics at three locations across Europe
Jakub Jeřábek, David Zumr, Tomáš Dostál, Tomás R. Tenreiro, Peter Strauss and Magdalena Daria Vaverková
  95 - Non-destructive Leaf Area Estimation of Tomato Using Mobile LiDAR Laser Scanner
Kowshik Kumar Saha, Cornelia Weltzien and Manuela Zude-Sasse
86 - CRNS-based monitoring technologies for weather and climate-resilient agriculture: realization by the ADAPTER project
Markus Köhli, Patrizia Ney, Heye Bogena and Klaus Görgen
18:30 - 21:00 Welcome Party
09:30 - 10:30 Plenary Talk - Non-invasive technologies and smart applications in viticulture
Javier Tardaguila
Televitis Research Group. University of La Rioja. Logroño, Spain.
10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:40 Session 5.1
General Session
Session 5.2
Smart technologies and digital infrastructure in agricultural, livestock and food-processing facilities - Part 2
Session 5.3
Sensing hydrological processes at different spatial and temporal scales for sustainable use of water resources
  6 - Faster R-CNN and EfficientNet for Accurate Insect Identification in a Relabeled Yellow Sticky Traps Dataset
Maurice Deserno and Alexia Briassouli
5 - Methodology for sensor calibration in agro-industrial facilities
Alberto Barbaresi, Mattia Ceccarelli, Miki Agrusti, Marco Bovo, Enrica Santolini, Patrizia Tassinari and Daniele Torreggiani
57 - A comparison between satellite- and model-based approaches developed in the ESA Irrigation+ project framework to estimate irrigation quantities
Sara Modanesi, Jacopo Dari, Christian Massari, Angelica Tarpanelli, Silvia Barbetta, Gabriëlle De Lannoy, Alexander Gruber, Hans Lievens, Michel Bechtold, Raphael Quast, Mariette Vreugdenhil, Mehrez Zribi, Michel Le Page and Luca Brocca
  79 - Measurement of soil properties and surface hydrology parameters to assess the variation induced by different plantations
Chitra Shukla, Kamlesh Narayan Tiwari and Gurjeet Singh
65 - A Low Power GPS-based device to develop KDE analyses for managing herd in extensive livestock systems
Simona M.C. Porto, Francesca Valenti, Giulia Castagnolo and Giovanni Cascone
102 - Eco-hydrodynamic characterization of vegetated flows derived by UAV-based imagery
Giuseppe Francesco Cesare Lama, Mariano Crimaldi, Angela De Vivo, Giovanni Battista Chirico and Fabrizio Sarghini
  60 - High-Resolution Soil Moisture Retrieval Using C-Band Radar Sentinel-1 and Cosmic-ray Neutron Sensor Data 38 - Application of a smart dynamic scale for measuring live-fish biomass in aquaculture
Lorenzo Rossi, Carlo Bibbiani, Baldassare Fronte, Eugenio Damiano and Alberto Di Lieto
68 - Assessing spatial soil moisture patterns at a small agricultural catchment
Tailin Li, Jakub Jeřábek, David Zumr, Nina Noreika and Tomáš Dostál
  28 - A data-driven framework for identifying productivity zones and the impact of agricultural droughts in sugarcane using SPI and unsupervised learning
Roberto Fray da Silva, Gabriela Chiquito Gesualdo, Marcos Roberto Benso, Maria Clara Fava, Eduardo Mario Mendiondo, Antonio Mauro Saraiva and Alexandre Cláudio Botazzo Delbem
54 - Portable Photometer for Procyanidins Quantitation in Red Wine
Eleonora Iaccheri, Arianna Ricci, Giuseppina Paola Parpinello, Andrea Versari and Luigi Ragni
101 - Assessing crop evapotranspiration by combining ERA5-Land meteorological reanalysis data and visible and near-infrared satellite imagery
Anna Pelosi, Salvatore Falanga Bolognesi, Guido D'Urso and Giovanni Battista Chirico
  32 - Automatic Spatial Rainfall Estimation on Limited Coverage Areas
Maria Clara Fava, Roberto Fray da Silva, Gabriela Chiquito Gesualdo, Marcos Roberto Benso, Eduardo Mario Mendiondo, Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Carlos Roberto Padovani and Alexandre Cláudio Botazzo Delbem
72 - Digital Technologies and Automation in Livestock Production Systems: a Digital Footprint from Multisource Data
Andrea Pezzuolo, Hao Guo, Giorgio Marchesini, Marta Brscic, Stefano Guercini and Francesco Marinello
62 - Assessment of a new non-invasive soil moisture sensor based on cosmic-ray neutrons
Stefano Gianessi, Matteo Polo, Luca Stevanato, Marcello Lunardon, Hami Said Ahmed, Georg Weltin, Arsenio Toloza, Christian Budach, Peter Birò, Till Francke, Maik Heistermann, Sasha E. Oswald, Emil Fulajtar, Gerd Dercon, Lee Kheng Heng and Gabriele Baroni
    73 - An IoT-based beer fermentation monitoring system
Daniele Buonocore, Giuseppe Ciavolino, Domenico Di Caro and Consolatina Liguori
13:00 - 14:45 Lunch
15:00 - 16:40 Session 6.1
Advances in software tools for smart agriculture measurement
Session 6.2
General Session
  46 - Data Value Extraction Mechanism in a Resilient Fog-based IoT System for Smart Irrigation
Franklin Magalhães Ribeiro Junior and Carlos Kamienski
36 - CFD modelling of gaseous emissions and dispersion from pig barn to surrounding areas
Enrica Santolini, Marco Bovo, Alberto Barbaresi, Shahad Hasan Flayyih Al-Rikabi, Daniele Torreggiani and Patrizia Tassinari
  48 - Irrigation water saving estimation using soil moisture forecast simulation
Juha-Pekka Soininen, Kari Kolehmainen, Hannu Tanner, Jafar Golnabi, Ramide Dantas and Gilberto Souza
100 - Process‐oriented simulation and observations of N2O emission from intensively managed agricultural cropping system
Terenzio Zenone, Daniela Famulari, Luca Vitale, Lucia Ottaiano and Antonio Manco
  76 - IrrigaSim: An Irrigation Simulation, Processing, and Animation Environment
Ronaldo Prati, Fabrizio Borelli, Ivan Zyrianoff, Dener Silva, Rodrigo Togneri and Carlos Kamienski
19 - Predict soil moisture into the future: on the integration of CRITERIA-1D into ZENTRA cloud
Brenno Tondato de Faria, Cristiano Aguzzi, Travis Bates, Colin Campbell, Fausto Tomei, Marco Bittelli and Luca Roffia
  82 - Managing Smart Agriculture: the IoT Entity Management System (IoTEMS)
Fabrizio Borelli, Gabriela Biondi, Dener Silva and Carlos Kamienski
56 - Preliminary exploration of potential ponding impact on crop vigour using remote sensing techniques
Eugenio Straffelini, Anton Pijl, Fabio Turco and Paolo Tarolli
  87 - A Soil Moisture Calibration Service for IoT-based Smart Irrigation
Ivan Zyrianoff, André Neto, Tullio Cinotti, Marco Di Felice, Carlos Kamienski and Dener Silva
99 - Potential of in-field Vis/NIR hyperspectral imaging to monitor quality parameters of alfalfa
Chiara Cevoli, Luca Di Cecilia, Luca Ferrari, Angelo Fabbri and Giovanni Molari
16:40 - 17:10 Coffee Break
17:10 - 18:00 Tutorial - Present and future of sensors for the food industry
Annachiara Berardinelli, University of Trento
20:00 Social Dinner
08:15 - 09:30 Bus Transfer  Trento --> Bolzano
(meeting point P.zza Dante, Trento)
09:30 - 09:40 Welcome Addresses
09:40 - 10:30 Plenary Talk - Metrology challenges in the field of fluid dynamics applied to the control of agri-environmental and hydro-geological risks in the climate change era
Maurizio Righetti
University of Bozen, Italy
10:30 - 10:50 Coffee Break
11:50 - 12:30 Session 7.1
Metrology for farm pests control: what contributions meeting technical efficacy, environmental sustainability and certification requirements
Session 7.2
Robotics for agro-forestry applications - Part 1
Session 7.3
The role of digitization in agricultural sustainability - Part 1
  10 - Spray Drop Size Measurement via Image Analysis
Emanuele Cerruto, Giuseppe Manetto, Domenico Longo and Rita Papa
11 - Improving agricultural drone localization using georeferenced low-complexity maps
Cesare Donati, Martina Mammarella, Lorenzo Comba, Alessandro Biglia, Fabrizio Dabbene and Paolo Gay
9 - A Blockchain implemented App for forestry nursery management
Simone Figorilli, Stefano Bruzzese, Andrea Rosario Proto, Corrado Costa, Lavinia Moscovini, Simone Blanc and Filippo Brun
  12 - A Brief Review of Nozzle Spray Drop Size Measurement Techniques
Simone Pascuzzi, Francesco Santoro, Giuseppe Manetto and Emanuele Cerruto
15 - Wind Tunnel Testing of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for Precision Crop-Spraying Applications
Nicoletta Bloise, Manuel Carreño Ruiz, Domenic D'Ambrosio and Giorgio Guglieri
14 - Italian Speech Commands for Forestry applications
Luciano Ortenzi, Giacomo Colle, Lavinia Moscovini and Corrado Costa
  16 - Indoor test bench measurements of potential spray drift generated by multi-row sprayers
Marco Grella, Paolo Marucco, Marco Manzone, Raimondo Gallo, Fabrizio Mazzetto and Paolo Balsari
80 - Trajectory planning ROS service for an autonomous agricultural robot
Lorenzo Gentilini, Simone Rossi, Dario Mengoli, Andrea Eusebi and Lorenzo Marconi
26 - Assessing the Digitization Footprint from Agricultural Fields on Required Data Storage Space
Ahmed Kayad, Marco Sozzi, Andrea Pezzuolo, Stefano Grigolato and Francesco Marinello
  40 - Check and calibration of spraying machinery in Lombardy: activity results from 1999
Davide Facchinetti, Lavinia Eleonora Galli and Domenico Pessina
29 - Generating and tracking trajectories for a maneuverable underactuated reconfigurable agricultural robot
Helen Henninger and Karl von Ellenrieder
42 - farMAS: Multi-Agent based farm activity planning and execution system
Georg Egger, Pasqualina Sacco, Dmitry Chaltsev and Fabrizio Mazzetto
  44 - Feasibility study of using laser technology for calibrating orchard sprayer machinery. First results
Simone Pascuzzi and Fabrizio Mazzetto
33 - Robust autonomous row-change maneuvers for agricultural robotic platform
Dario Mengoli, Andrea Eusebi, Simone Rossi, Roberto Tazzari and Lorenzo Marconi
61 - Life Cycle Assessment of Fertilization – Precision Soil Modeling Combined with Precision Agriculture
Francisco Medel Jimenez, Iris Kral, Andreas Gronauer, Theresa Krexner, Norbert Barta and Gerhard Piringer
12:30 - 13:50 Lunch
13:50 - 15:30 Session 8.1
Measuring methods for assessing biomass valorization routes in the agriforestry sector
Session 8.2
Robotics for agro-forestry applications - Part 2
Session 8.3
The role of digitization in agricultural sustainability - Part 2
  27 - Preliminary study on the application of a commercial LAI ceptometer for estimation of leaf production on low vigour mulberry trees
Domenico Giora, Federico Masin, Giuditta Marchetti, Alberto Assirelli, Silvia Cappellozza, Alessio Saviane, Francesco Marinello and Luigi Sartori
71 - Increasing autonomy in agricultural robots:unevenness estimation of the terrain ahead
Antonio Leanza, Rocco Galati, Annalisa Milella and Giulio Reina
58 - Evaluation of Tracer dyes for spray deposit assessment in the vineyard
Rino Gubiani, Gianfranco Pergher and Nicola Zucchiatti
  59 - Development of a method for determining the charcoal calorific value variability as integration of the UNI EN ISO 18125: 2018 standard
Alessio Mencarelli, Raffaele Cavalli and Rosa Greco
74 - Metrology-aware Trajectory Planning for Agricultural Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments
Raza Saeed, Ganesh Govindaraja, Renato Vidoni, Karl D. von Ellenrieder and Giacomo Tomasi
75 - Connectivity in rural areas: a case study on internet connection in the Italian agricultural areas
Marco Sozzi, Ahmed Kayad, Giovanni Ferrari, Alessandro Zanchin, Stefano Grigolato and Francesco Marinello
  107 - Investigating biomass pyrolysis through intra-particle gas measurements
Patuzzi Francesco, Ciuta Simona, Marias Frederic, Naomi Klinghoffer, Marco Baratieri and Marco J. Castaldi
21 - A shared human-robot control system for crop monitoring
Cheikh Melainine El Bou and Karl D von Ellenrieder
90 - Digital sustainability in smart agriculture
Pasqualina Sacco, Elena Rangoni Gargano, Alessia Cornella, Davide Don and Fabrizio Mazzetto
  67 - Quality control of woodchip energy parameters using near infrared spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics
Manuela Mancini, Elena Leoni and Giuseppe Toscano
84 - Design and evaluation of a brach sensing system for a climbing and pruning robot
Giovanni Carabin, Fabrizio Mazzetto and Renato Vidoni
97 - Can PocketNNI, a new smart app for Nitrogen Nutrition Index estimation, reduce the environmental impact of rice?
Livia Paleari, Michele Zoli, Jacopo Bacenetti and Roberto Confalonieri
    89 - Design and configuration of a shared control system for an unmanned ground vehicle
Ganesh Govindarajan, Saeed Raza Abdulla Saeed, Vidoni Renato and Karl von Ellenrieder
15:30 - 16:00 Closing and Award Ceremony
16:00 - 17:00 Technical Visit at NOI-TechPark
17:00 - 17:40 Closing Drink Together