Special sessions have the main aim of creating a mini-workshop on a specific topic, where researchers working on the same argument can make knowledge, familiarize, exchange ideas, create cooperation.
Special Sessions are being developed by designated chairs.

If you, as an author, have a paper that could be included in one of these sessions, you may submit an abstract selecting your favourite session. If the abstract is not selected for the session, it may be included in another part of the technical program.

To submit abstracts or draft papers to the special session, please follow the submission instructions for regular sessions, but remind to specify the special session to which the paper is directed.

List of Special Sessions


    It is reserved to paper co-authored and presented by a Ph.D. student or Ph.Ds that received the Ph.D degree in 2020.

  2. Special Session #1: Sensors, instruments and methodologies for beverage quality assessment

    Organized by: Domenico Di Caro, Spring Off s.r.l., Italy, Consolatina Liguori, University of Salerno, Italy

  3. Special Session #2: Precision Horticulture

    Organized by: Manuela Zude-Sasse, Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie (ATB), Germany, Lav Ramchandra Khot, Washington State University, USA

  4. Special Session #3: Measuring requirements in new bio-based circular value-chains

    Organized by: Pasqualina Sacco, Fraunhofer Italia, Italy, Marco Gobbetti, University of Bolzano, Italy, Matteo Mario Scampicchio, University of Bolzano, Italy

  5. Special Session #4: Smart systems in agricultural, livestock and food-processing facilities

    Organized by: Alberto Barbaresi, University of Bologna, Italy, Carlo Bibbiani, University of Pisa, Italy, Lorenzo Boccia, University of Naples Federico II, Andrea Pezzuolo, University of Padova, Italy, Maria Nicolina Ripa, University of Tuscia of Viterbo, Italy

  6. Special Session #5: Sensing technology for fish freshness and sustainable fish safety

    Organized by: Sihem Dabbou, University of Trento, Italy

  7. Special Session #6: Innovative Data Analysis Solutions in the Agri-Food Sector

    Organized by: Chiara Cevoli, University of Bologna, Italy

  8. Special Session #7: Innovative robotics solutions and autonomous tasks in agriculture

    Organized by: Lorenzo Marconi, University of Bologna, Italy, Dario Mengoli, University of Bologna, Italy

  9. Special Session #8: Integrated Water Management for Agriculture (Part I): Sensing, Modeling, and Data Integration

    Organized by: Gabriele Baroni, University of Bologna, Italy, Lorenzo Carmelo Zingali, University of Bologna, Italy, Giovanni Battista Chirico, University of Naples, Italy

  10. Special Session #9: Integrated Water Management for Agriculture (Part II): Architectures, Platforms and Sustainability

    Organized by: Luca Roffia, University of Bologna, Italy, Cristiano Aguzzi, University of Bologna, Italy

  11. Special Session #10: Precision Livestock Farming and Feeding

    Organized by: Maria Grazia Cappai, University of Sassari, Italy, Corrado Dimauro, University of Sassari, Italy

  12. Special Session #11: Agricultural meteorology for water resilience in agroecosystems

    Organized by: Filiberto Altobelli, CREA, Italy, Anna Dalla Marta, University of Florence, Italy, Giulio Castelli, University of Florence, Italy

  13. Special Session #12: Mitigation strategies to reduce gaseous emissions from Livestock Buildings and Manure Stores

    Organized by: Stefania Pindozzi, University of Naples, Italy, Ester Scotto di Perta, University of Naples, Italy, Daniele Torreggiani, University of Bologna, Italy, Alberto Finzi, University of Milan, Italy, Daniela Lovarelli, University of Milan, Italy

Special Session Proposal

Are you interested in organizing a special session?

Please, contact the Technical Program Chairs, using the form at this page:

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