Metrology challenges in the field of fluid dynamics applied to the control of agri-environmental and hydro-geological risks in the climate change era

Maurizio Righetti Maurizio Righetti University of Bozen, Italy

Maurizio Righetti

University of Bozen, Italy


Water and agriculture are inextricably linked, both as regards the problems of the use of water resources and those of defense against hydrogeological instability. Climate change induces significant changes in the water-agriculture relationship, accentuating problems and increasing the risks of agricultural operators. Increasingly intense events of instability (floods, landslides, mudslides and debris) affect the agro-forestry sector more and more frequently and with greater intensity. The agricultural sector, as it is closely linked to land and water, is increasingly called upon to carry out the functions of safeguarding the territory, actively contributing to the maintenance of minor waterways and mountain areas. A better knowledge of the dynamics of instability and the hydrodynamic behavior of "traditional" techniques for the arrangement of water courses, such as naturalistic engineering, can help in the fight against hydrogeological instability. In this presentation I will introduce some research results for understanding the dynamics of mud and debris flows and the hydraulic behavior of the arrangement of water courses with naturalistic engineering techniques, with particular attention to the methodologies and laboratory techniques used.

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