MetroAgriFor serve as a forum for presenting recent advances in the field of measurement and instrumentation to be applied for the increasing of our knowledge in order to protect and preserve the Agriculture, Forestry and Food. MetroAgriFor aims to gather people who work in developing instrumentation and measurement methods for agriculture, forestry and food quality. Attention is paid, but not limited to, new technology for agriculture and forestry environment monitoring, for food quality monitororing, metrology-assisted production in agriculture, forestry and food industries, sensors and associated signal conditioning for agriculture and forestry, and calibration methods for electronic test and measurement for environmental and food applications.

Thematic areas:

  1. Metrology, quality assurance and standardization
  2. Sensors and measurement techniques
  3. Data analysis
  4. Applications

The main topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensor networking and integration
  • Approaches and tools for measuring Food Quality
  • Soil analysis, mapping and monitoring
  • Crop analysis, mapping and monitoring
  • Precision agriculture, forestry and livestock farming
  • Measurements for agriculture, forestry and environment
  • Agroclimatic measurements